2017 policy updates 

From 17 July 2017, a number of updates have been made to all Southern Cross health insurance plans. These will help you get more value from your health insurance, and keep your policy relevant and useful.

Policyholders have been notified from 17 May – 17 June about these updates.

General information about 2017 policy updates

How did we decide what updates to make?

Feedback from members is an important part of regular policy reviews. We also consult with medical professionals, and consider changes in healthcare such as health technology and new procedures.

In deciding what updates to make we try to balance improvements in benefits with premium affordability. 

Specific updates to your policy

In the links below you can find your new policy document, details of the specific updates to your policy, along with answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

All about Agencies policy updates

All about Extensive Cover policy updates

All about HealthEssentials policy updates

All about KiwiCare policy updates

All about RegularCare policy updates

All about SuperCare policy updates

All about SureCare Concessionary policy updates

All about UltraCare policy updates

All about Wellbeing policy updates

All about Wellbeing Starter policy updates


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