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UltraCare is a premium surgical, healthcare and day-to-day plan for those who want the highest level of cover. The plan includes cover for cancer care, surgical treatment, along with specialist consultations, diagnostic imaging and tests and day-to-day treatment at any time. Plus, you can choose your own specialist and your qualifying pre-existing conditions will be covered after 3 years of continuous cover (except under Cancer Cover Plus). For those planning a new addition to the family, this plan includes an obstetrics allowance (after 1 year of continuous cover).

There is also cover available for day-to-day healthcare, including GP, nurse and chiropractor consultations, prescriptions and hearing tests up to the policy limits. You can choose to upgrade your plan to UltraCare 400 which offers additional vision and dental cover.

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Optional modules

Prescription glasses/contact lenses and Dental (UltraCare 400)


Cover for prescription glasses/contact lenses and dental consultations and treatment.

Add extras

Cancer Cover Plus


You can upgrade the base chemotherapy for cancer benefit available under your plan to one of the Cancer Cover Plus options1 (Chemotherapy 100 and Chemotherapy 300) to increase your cover for chemotherapy for cancer, including increased cover for non-Pharmac approved, Medsafe indicated chemotherapy drugs.

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1Cancer Cover Plus upgrades are fully underwritten, regardless of any pre-existing condition concession. They cannot be purchased if you or any dependant on the policy is over 60 years old.

Cancer Assist


Cancer Assist is an affordable addition to your health insurance plan (excluding HealthEssentials) and provides you with a one-off payment, over and above your health insurance, should you be diagnosed with a qualifying cancer. Use the one-off payment to spend on what’s important to you at a time when you need it most.

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Critical Illness


Critical Illness is an affordable addition to your health insurance plan (excluding HealthEssentials) and is designed to provide extra financial support when it's needed most.

You'll receive a lump sum cash payment if you're diagnosed with a critical illness or suffer a trauma such as a heart attack, stroke, qualifying cancer or loss of independent living. At what is undoubtedly a stressful time, you can use your Critical Illness payment to help take care of you and your family, so you can focus on recovery.

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Plan documents and more information

For full details on the terms and conditions (and exclusions), please refer to the policy document, the UltraCare benefit summary or contact us.