Affiliated Provider programme

Affiliated Providers (APs) are doctors, specialists or medical facilities contracted to provide Southern Cross members with certain healthcare services at agreed prices.

We have more than 1,000 AP agreements across New Zealand, with 1,600 healthcare providers, covering more than 20 medical specialties. Established in 1997, the AP programme accounts for 55 per cent of all Southern Cross' claim costs.

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Benefits for Southern Cross members


It’s easy. The AP organises prior approval for the member's healthcare service and
claims on their behalf.


It keeps future premiums more affordable by helping us to manage
the cost of claims.


Agreed prices mean members know up-front how much their contribution will be (if any).

We encourage members to seek referral to an AP to help moderate claims costs in the long term. In all Southern Cross plans (apart from UltraCare), some services are AP-only.

Benefits of becoming an AP

Certainty of payment

Prices for services are negotiated at the beginning of the agreement, so you know what you will be paid. You can use our online system to claim payment for an eligible service as soon as it has been provided.

Improved cash flows

The amount we pay is generally deposited within two days of requesting payment.

Online administration

The online transaction makes the administration of prior approval and payment easy.

Dedicated support

Contract and relationship managers are your direct points of contact at Southern Cross, dealing with any queries you may have about your AP agreement and any other issues.


We encourage our members to seek referrals to APs whenever possible. APs are listed at - an online directory enabling members and referrers to easily find information and contact details.