Become an Affiliated Provider

Southern Cross welcomes the opportunity to talk with suitably qualified healthcare providers about joining the Affiliated Provider (AP) programme.

Contact us about becoming an AP

To become an AP to Southern Cross, practitioners must:

We also take into account:

  • member demand for services
  • your geographic location/region
  • the services you are offering and area/s of expertise
  • national coverage
  • price

How do I become an Affiliated Provider?

Consultations and rooms-based services

Individual providers can call our Provider line on 0800 770 843

Surgical services

Generally, the hospital or facility holds the contract with Southern Cross. Individual providers should contact the hospitals or facilities they work at and speak to the person who looks after Southern Cross AP agreements. That hospital or facility will then negotiate an AP agreement with Southern Cross. The agreement includes the healthcare services, providers, locations and pricing.


“The online prior approval and claim process provides us with confidence around prompt payment, and it is very beneficial for cash flow.”

- Eye Specialists, Ophthalmology

"Southern Cross is pushing for the best value healthcare for its members, and the Affiliated Provider programme fulfils those needs.”

 -Trevor Fitzjohn, Imaging

“I liked the idea of providing a more affordable service for patients without reducing the quality of the service they receive.”

- Gary French, Orthopaedics

“I see it as a good thing that insurers take a position on making sure they’re getting value for their members’ money.”

- David Merrilees, Urology