Making a claim

It’s easy for policyholders to claim with a number of options available. Claims are paid directly to the provider through Easy-claim and Affiliated Providers, or you can claim online or use the My Southern Cross app. You can also apply for prior approval to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re covered.

Claim online and on the go

Online claiming is easy and convenient. The quickest way to submit a claim is online through the My Southern Cross app or website. Complete our online form or use the app to send us a photo of your invoices / receipts and you'll get paid faster, usually within 5 working days, straight to your nominated bank account.

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You can use Easy-Claim at participating healthcare providers to claim for eligible healthcare services such as a GP check up, physiotherapy, chiropractor prescriptions, optometrist and dental treatment, without needing to complete a claim form.

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Affiliated Provider

Affiliated Providers are doctors and specialists who are contracted to Southern Cross. Using an Affiliated Provider is simple and hassle-free because they organise prior approval and claim on your behalf, leaving you to focus on getting well.

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Request cover or prior approval

Request cover or prior approval to confirm whether the healthcare service you need is covered under your policy, and any conditions that may apply. You can do this online through My Southern Cross and the app, or call us if the healthcare service will take place within 5 days.

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Member Advocacy

When you undertake an ACC review, the Southern Cross Member Advocacy team is there to help. We offer an advocacy service to our members who may have been incorrectly declined cover by ACC. There is no charge for this service for our members.

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Low claims discount

The low claims discount gives a 10% discount for members who have claimed under $500, or a 5% discount for members who have claimed between $500 and $1,000 and is based on a two year claims period. The premium discount applies for up to 12 months from renewal.

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Unapproved healthcare services

An unapproved healthcare service is any drug, device, technique, test and/or other healthcare service that has not been approved by Southern Cross prior to treatment. Unapproved healthcare services are an exclusion and are not covered by Southern Cross.

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More ways to claim

You can also complete and post a claim form. It usually takes 10 to 15 working days for us to process any refunds once we’ve received your form.

If you need a claim form for Cancer Assist or Critical Illness you can download it here.

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Need help?

If you have any questions, please contact us here.