We’re with Southern Cross members when it matters most. Helping members with their health is at the heart of everything we do. When the unexpected happened, these members felt lucky to have Southern Cross health insurance. Watch these inspiring stories from real Southern Cross members.

Surviving cancer with Southern Cross



Asoiva was living a healthy life, so a bowel cancer diagnosis just before Christmas was unexpected.
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Lightening never strikes twice, except for Carole, who beat breast cancer and then bowel cancer.
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Meet Graham, known as ‘Spy’, he’s the guy who made snowboarding a global sport in New Zealand.
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Warwick had no idea how long the road to cancer recovery can be, it can be months or even years.
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Overcoming unexpected health issues with Southern Cross



Southern Cross health insurance was there to help Stevie with unexpected health issues, and now helps her keep healthy and living life to the fullest.
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Michelle had endometriosis, and her kids needed healthcare too. Having Southern Cross health insurance made all the difference for her and her family.
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Dylan just wanted to be able to lift his child, but he couldn’t. Southern Cross Health Society helped him on his road back to health.
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Natalie’s employer pays for her to have Southern Cross health insurance. She had no idea she would need it to help with the cost and timing of two major surgeries.
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