Family health cover

You want to look after your loved ones, and so do we. There are many reasons you can trust Southern Cross with your family's health.

  • Avoid public waiting lists
  • Cover for expensive qualifying procedures
  • Child rates until 21 years1
  • Pay for 2 kids, the rest are free2,3
  • Member offers and discounts

As well as all the great benefits of being a Southern Cross member, additional family benefits include:


Affordable cover for your family
Keeping your whole family covered can be less expensive than you think. The premium for a member aged 0-21 years on our most popular plan, Wellbeing Two, is just $9 a week.4


Pay for 2 kids, the rest are free2,3 
Your third child and any subsequent children can get free health insurance when you add them to your policy.2,3


Pre-existing conditions cover for newborns
Once you've been a member for 3 months and you add your baby before they're 3 months old, we'll cover their qualifying pre-existing medical conditions. Even better, after 1 year of continuous cover you can claim for qualifying obstetrics expenses.5


Offers and discounts
We've partnered with some of NZ's favourite health providers, so you can benefit from being a Southern Cross member all year round. There are savings and offers from Bloom, OPSM, Specsavers, Lumino, Les Mills, Eco Store and Pita Pit. You'll also get discounts for Southern Cross life, pet and travel insurance.


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Cover your family for expensive procedures

Although visits to the GP are free for children under 14, there are many common illnesses that affect kids which can require costly ongoing treatment - or joining a lengthy waiting list on the public health system. Here are some typical costs associated with common childhood conditions.

Condition Procedure  Cost6
Ear infections Grommet surgery $2,100 - $2,500
Eye squint Squint correction $5,100 - $7,800
Ongoing throat infections Tonsil removal $4,400 - $6,400

See the costs of some common healthcare procedures in NZ for adults and children.

By taking out health insurance for your children before they need it, you could take the 'ouch' out of unexpected and expensive qualifying procedures - and avoid having to wait on public waiting lists for appointments and treatments.

Protect your little ones with Southern Cross.

1. Not available on the HealthEssentials plan. One rate for children aged 0 to 21. Subject to standard annual premium changes.
2. Terms and conditions apply, not all benefits are available on all plans.
3. Discount is not applicable to Cancer Cover Plus.
4. Rounded to the nearest dollar, includes a 2.5% direct debit discount. Terms & conditions apply. Children must be on a policy with a parent.
5. Available on Wellbeing Two and UltraCare plans. See policy documents here
6. All costs indicative and sourced from 2020/21 claims data.
A mother walking with her two children
A mother walking with her two children