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Referring Southern Cross members to an Affiliated Provider

The Affiliated Provider (AP) programme is one way we are working with healthcare providers to manage the impact of rising healthcare costs on our members' premiums.

An AP is a doctor, specialist or medical facility contracted to provide Southern Cross members with certain healthcare services at agreed prices.

Referring Southern Cross members to an AP is important as it means members have certainty of cover for those services. It’s also less hassle, as the approval and claim will be taken care of for them.

Benefits for Southern Cross members

  1. It's easy. The AP organises prior approval for the member's healthcare service and claims on their behalf 
  2. It keeps future premiums more affordable by helping us to manage the cost of claims 
  3. Agreed prices mean that, in most cases, members know up-front how much, if anything, their contribution will be 

Referring to an AP - for GPs

We want to make it easy for you to refer to APs so here are three simple ways:

  1. Head online at www.healthcarefinder.co.nz and type in the name of the service or specialist you are looking for. 
  2. Go to the online directory www.healthpages.co.nz or click on the Specialist & Referrals icon in Medtech. 

If you’re a healthcare provider and you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Affiliated Provider-only services

We encourage members to seek referral to an AP to help moderate claims costs in the long term. In all Southern Cross plans (apart from UltraCare), some services are AP-only.

Our aim is to provide health insurance that helps our members receive sustainable, accessible and affordable quality healthcare services through our AP programme. Southern Cross achieves this by making reimbursement of certain services contingent on an AP agreement being in place with the provider of those services.

The simplicity of accessing healthcare services through APs is a key benefit Southern Cross members enjoy from the programme. It makes life so much easier for patients.