Two work colleagues looking at a laptop screen
Two work colleagues looking at a laptop screen

Health insurance for employees

Health insurance and benefits for employees

Does your workplace offer Southern Cross Health Insurance as an employee benefit? If it does, good news: you can gain access to New Zealand’s most trusted health insurance [1].

We support employees at nearly 3,500 businesses across New Zealand. Discover why more businesses and their employees choose Southern Cross to help protect their health and wellbeing.

  • Claiming is fast and easy through MySouthernCross or Easy-Claim
  • Access to workplace health and wellbeing programmes to help you stay healthy
  • Save money with discounts on glasses, travel insurance and more
  • We're a not-for-profit Friendly Society
  • We just do members' health and pay out to members when they need our help
  • We pay out more claims than any other New Zealand health insurer [2]

How does Southern Cross health insurance for employees work?

If the organisation you work for has Southern Cross Health Insurance for business, you can get the great benefits of health insurance with us, plus you and your team could also get tailored health and wellbeing solutions.

Do I need health insurance?

While New Zealand has a good public health system, non-emergency conditions are classified as ‘elective’ treatment. This means you’ll have to qualify for treatment, and (more than likely) you’ll go on a waiting list for common ‘elective’ treatments like a knee replacement, cancerous tumour removal and diagnostic services.

Based on research of 2,000 individuals, those with health insurance spend less than half the time on waiting lists for elective surgery than those without [3]. Health insurance can help you get the treatment you need quicker, so you can return to your career and lifestyle sooner.

According to the Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report (Business Edition, issued March 2023), employees with health insurance tend to:

  • get more timely health treatment compared to those without insurance,
  • be happier with their health and mental wellbeing compared to those without insurance.

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Why get health insurance?

Health insurance for families

Health insurance for individuals

Does my employer pay for my health insurance premiums?

Your employer will let you know how your health insurance work scheme works.

In some cases, you pay for the premiums yourself, but joining through your workplace may make it more affordable than joining on your own – it’s a bit like getting a group discount.

Some employers may pay for some or all of your health insurance plan on a subsidy scheme. You can choose to tailor your plan, paying for extras important to you, like cover for vision and dental treatments.

Can I add my partner, spouse, or family to my health insurance?

You can add your partner, spouse, or children to your Southern Cross membership, but your employer might not pay for or subsidise this.

Contact us about adding a new member to your policy.

Do I get membership benefits?

Southern Cross Health Society members can access perks like discounts on other Southern Cross insurances, plus partner offers and discounts.

This includes unlimited GP consults with CareHQ 7am to 7pm when booked through the MySouthernCross app, up to three online mental health sessions with Raise and an annual health check with MedPro for those aged 16 and older.[4]

Southern Cross helps businesses tailor health and wellbeing programmes to help them better look after their employees. You’ll get access to an easy-to-use programme that will help you and your team take care of your health and wellbeing at work.

Ask your employer for the details of your company’s Southern Cross work scheme and any extra benefits you may be able to access, for example, cover for pre-existing conditions.

How do I join?

Starting your application process is quick and easy. You’ll need your employer’s name, the date you started work, and your group code handy.

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Supporting a healthy and productive workplace

"If you have something going on in your life that is creating stress and disruption to you, it's very hard to separate yourself at work and create. If people are in a good space, that translates to our team, and it means that they're able to do some amazing things. So Southern Cross is a big part of actually being able to provide that well-being for the entire team."

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Over 500,000 employees are with Southern Cross. Are you?

We’re here for you. We’ve got a range of plans with flexible options so you can tailor your health insurance to your needs. Join now or contact us to find out more.

[1] Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Health Insurance Brand 2017-2023

[2] Based on Southern Cross claims data and data provided by the Financial Services Council.

[3] Employer benefits of health insurance, Kantar TNS, 2019

[4] Subject to change. Terms, conditions, and limits apply.