Shining a light on New Zealand employees' health and wellbeing

Helping employers better understand and look after employees’ health

In 2022, the Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report explored what was on the minds of more than 2,000 New Zealanders when it comes to their health and wellbeing. We’ve mined this report to look at implications for New Zealand businesses to help us understand what we could do to support the engine room of our economy.

Businesses need to take employee wellbeing seriously

Eighty-nine per cent of New Zealanders agree that businesses and employees flourish when employee wellbeing is prioritised. This and other insights such as common benefits New Zealand employees are interested in, thoughts on work and life balance, flexible working, taking annual leave, issues concerning workers as well as how employees are seeking treatment when unwell can be found in this business edition.

We work with almost 4,000 New Zealand businesses

We offer this report to help businesses put insights into practise in their workplaces. We’re also helping members put their health and wellbeing first with expanded membership benefits. Members can access unlimited online GP consults with CareHQ, three online mental health sessions with Raise and an annual health check for members aged 16 and over with MedPro each policy year. *

Download the Report (7mb PDF)

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