HealthEssentials is designed to help you look after your day-to-day healthcare costs - so you can take care of yourself and have a life too. Unlike traditional health insurance, HealthEssentials won't cover you for surgical or specialist consultations, but will cover you for your daily expenses like the GP, seeing the dentist or the optometrist.

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You can claim up to $1,250 per year from just $1 per day. HealthEssentials allows claims on GP consultations and self-care benefits straight away, and you can see the dentist every year with a $500 claims limit.

HealthEssentials can be taken on its own, but can also be added to any other of our health insurance plans to receive the great day-to-day benefits.

Product summary

Benefits include reimbursement of 75% of your costs up to policy limits.


Annual limits and stand down periods

GP consultations

Up to $150 per claims year

Dental consultations and treatment

Up to $500 per claims year
3 month stand down period 
Includes teeth extraction (other than wisdom teeth), dentures, and endodontic, periodontic and orthodontic treatment

Optometrist consultations 

Up to $100 per claims year
3 month stand down period

Glasses and contact lenses

Up to $250 per claims year
3 month stand down period
Includes prescription glasses (frames and lenses) and contact lenses for change of vision, and replacement for loss or breakage

The following Self Care:


Excludes the cost of medication

Excludes the cost of medication

Registered massage therapy


Dietitian or nutritionist 
Excludes the cost of food and food substitutes

Up to $250 per claims year
(combined total limit)

Total value

$1,250 per claims year

Plan documents and more information

*For full details on the terms and conditions (and exclusions), please refer to the policy document or contact us.