We've made a few changes

We’ve made changes around editing approvals and we’re providing help when you enter an invoice number. Also, for security reasons, we’ve updated the options if you have forgotten your password or need to reset it.

Edit approval option 

If the status of an approval is other thanApproved’, ‘Approval Delayed’ or 'Cancelled', the Edit Approval option will no longer be available.


Request payment 

If you enter invalid characters in the invoice number field, a warning message will be shown to help you correct it.  


Forgot your password?

Security questions

Security questions help you to reset your Provider Web password in the event you forget it. If you’ve set up these questions previously, you’ll no longer be able to see and review the answers to those questions on the screen. You can only set new answers.


Password reset - missing security questions notification

If you have forgotten your password and have not set up security questions, you will be sent an email that will ask you to contact your Relationship Manager. 


Password reset - email link expiration

If you have forgotten your password and you have requested an email be sent to you to reset it, you will need to change your password as soon as possible. The link provided in the email now has a 10 minute expiration time (no longer 48 hours). 


New password requirements

We’re making passwords more secure. To do this, a new minimum length of 12 characters is required. You need to use at least two of the following: uppercase letters (A-Z), lower case letter (a-z), a number (0-9) or a special character.