Microscopic image of the cerebellum
Microscopic image of the cerebellum

Patient Outcome and Experience Surveys

We care about patient satisfaction

Thank you for the care you provide our members. Like you, we care about the outcomes and experience our members receive.

Southern Cross uses internationally accepted survey tools to measure patient reported outcomes, experiences and impacts on quality of life from both surgical procedures and specialist consultations. We’ve received over 197,4331 anonymous survey responses from members since 2014. The results are overwhelmingly positive - 89% of our members would recommend their specialist 1

You can access your results via an online dashboard and see where you sit compared with other (anonymised) colleagues.

If you haven’t accessed the portal before, please email [email protected] and we’ll send you a login.

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PO  E process

How we measure outcome and experiences

“The entire team worked exceptionally well together, reassured any fears, and performed the surgery without any issues. It’s improved my quality of life – I should have gone sooner!”

- Southern Cross member 

Surveys we use to measure patients’ outcomes and experiences


Measures Sent after

Outcome and Experience Questionnaire


Outcomes and experiences for specialist medical procedures. Includes patient experience of their 

- facility  

- healthcare provider and team 

- communication and understanding of their disease and treatment 

- perception of the outcome. 

90 days after surgery (combined with EQ5D post op where applicable) 
EQ5D-5L Changes in health outcomes and quality of life before and after surgery. Quality of life scores are collected at three different times in the patient’s journey. Prior approval (before surgery, then 90 and 180 days after operation)
Doctors Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire 

Experience associated with a specialist’s consultation - the patient’s ability to connect, understand, trust, and communicate with the doctor they are consulting with. 
24-48 hours after an initial consultation with a specialist

Gaining continuing education points from reviewing survey data

We have partnered with CFEP for RACS and NZOA members to be eligible for 10 CME points on completion of a simple reflection exercise after viewing their patient feedback in the personalised reporting portal. Learn more about

  • Can I view my data from the patient experience surveys?

    Yes. Once we have collected more than ten results for you, this data becomes available. We encourage all specialists (Affiliated Providers and fee for service) to review their personal data on the provider portal. Email [email protected] and we’ll send you a login.

  • How much data do you have on the portal?

    We have received over 197,4331 anonymous survey responses from members since 2014.

  • How do I navigate the portal?

    There is a comprehensive user guide on the portal. For troubleshooting, contact our team [email protected] or Cemplicity.
  • What does the feedback show?

    The overall results are consistently positive and reassuring for our members and the healthcare community. There are individual responses where this isn’t the case; these results provide an opportunity for reflection.

  • Does Southern Cross share this information with anyone?

    Our partnership managers welcome the opportunity to discuss the survey feedback with individual specialists on a one-on-one basis.

    We do share aggregated, anonymous data at an overall specialty level with industry groups such as medical societies and associations. We also promote the practice of patient reported outcome and experience measurement with a range of stakeholders.

    Southern Cross has shared anonymised data with research organisations to support insights development. At some stage in the future Southern Cross may use this data to assist members in considering their health choices.

  • Can I opt out of the surveys?

    As this is a survey of our members’ perceptions of healthcare funded under their health insurance policies, its primary purpose is to reflect our members’ voice. Our members can opt in to complete the survey and we have a consistently strong response rate.

    Specialists can opt in to view their individual results and we actively encourage engagement with patient feedback as an input to ongoing improvements in outcomes and experiences.

  • Does the data impact my commercial arrangements with Southern Cross?

    Partnership Managers do refer to the data at a specialty and individual level and welcome the opportunity to include patient feedback in relationship discussions. The data is not a determinant of commercial terms but could be used as an input to relationship discussions.

For more information on the patient outcomes and experience programme or to get a log in to access your results, email [email protected].

  1. As at March 2023