Health technology assessment

Value in healthcare is defined as outcomes that matter to our members relative to the cost of delivering those outcomes. We live in an age of innovation in healthcare where many advances in medical technology have significantly improved outcomes.  However, some technologies add substantial cost without adding significant outcomes benefit (eg decreases the value of treatment). 

As a not-for-profit, Friendly Society, it's important we have a clear process to approve coverage for new technologies that allows us to prioritise value. We have developed guidelines so that there is a clear and consistent process for our value-based approach to healthcare delivery.

Applications for assessment of health technologies are accepted for the following categories:

  • New procedures / technologies
  • Eligibility criteria changes for an existing procedure
  • Incremental changes to existing technology / device
  • Diagnostic tests and investigations

    Assessment guidelines and process

  • Applications must be submitted by a registered healthcare provider in New Zealand
  • Applications must be for conditions covered by Southern Cross policies
  • Applications must be approved by Medsafe
  • Applications will not be approved if developmental / experimental in nature
  • Once an application is received, the procedure / technology will be placed on the Southern Cross Health Society Unapproved healthcare services list until assessment is completed.

HTAQ assessment diagram


If you have a health procedure or technology that might meet these guidelines, please email or write to the Medical Officer, Southern Cross Health Society, Private Bag 99934, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.