Health technology assessment

We live in an age of innovation in healthcare where many advances in medical technology have significantly improved patient outcomes. However, some medical technologies add substantial cost to treatment without evidence of significant benefit to the patient.  

We understand there are some technologies that are safer and do show an advance. However, we need to ensure we provide the best value for our membership as a whole and may decline some technologies due to:

  • the low volumes involved for the additional cost
  • the minimal benefit to our members
  • the negative impact on the affordability of premiums
  • prioritisation of available funding.

We have developed guidelines so that there is a clear and consistent approach for reaching reimbursement decisions.

Assessment guidelines and process

Applications will only be accepted if submitted by a healthcare provider.

If you have a health procedure or technology that might meet these guidelines, please email or write to the Medical Officer, Southern Cross Health Society, Private Bag 99934, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.