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Securing member information

Security of information technology systems to protect member information

Cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated and happen more often. Keeping member information secure within systems like Provider Web continues to be a focus for Southern Cross Health Society.

If your practice or facility uses Provider Web, it’s important you are aware of your obligations (as stated in Appendix 8 of your Affiliated Provider agreement) to ensure your systems are secure. This includes ensuring your access to Provider Web doesn’t compromise members’ personal and health information while you use Provider Web.

Serious consequences of a cyber-attack

There was significant disruption to patient care and cost associated with the cyber breach within the Waikato DHB in May 2021. Services across hospitals were interrupted and they had a complete outage of their information systems due to a malicious email attachment.

It was another reminder how easily a cyber-attack can occur and how far reaching the consequences can be.

Keep your information technology (IT) security system current

We are constantly reviewing and developing our responses as the threat to IT security systems and information changes. We want to highlight how important it is that you do the same.

Some of the fundamentals to maintain your IT system security include:

  • ensuring password controls are enforced and passwords are updated regularly
  • ensuring that supported, modern browsers are used to access Provider Web
  • using an up-to-date operating system such as Windows 10
  • considering phishing attacks as a key risk to manage.

Helpful information

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