Your health policy renewal

When you’re in pain or unwell, understanding when you can get treatment and how you can pay for it is important. When your policy renews, you’ll know that you can continue to have:

  • Faster access to treatment by avoiding public hospital waiting lists.
  • Less financial stress by reducing your costs of private treatment and time off work.
  • More choice over when you receive treatment for qualifying medical conditions.

All about premiums

Learn more about the factors considered when we review premiums, what we’re doing to help keep your future premiums more affordable, and ways to reduce your premium. Learn all about premiums

Your health first

As a not-for profit, we put the health of our members first and provide more value than other New Zealand health insurers. Learn more about what members are typically claiming for and personalise the webpage to see what people your age are claiming for now, and in the years ahead. 

Keeping premiums affordable

Premium affordability continues to be a concern for our members. Learn more about some of the initiatives we’re taking to help keep your future premiums affordable.

Member rewards and discounts

Make sure you get the most out of your membership with Southern Cross – even if you don’t need to make a claim. Learn more about the special offers and discounts we offer Southern Cross members.