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Feel Fresh member offer

Get $40 off a 60 minute nutrition consultation with Feel Fresh Nutrition

Feel Fresh Nutrition is a team of qualified registered nutritionists and dieticians to help you address each and every nutritional concern you may have. They treat you like the individual you are and provide you with the resources and support that you need.

For more info and to book in visit the website here. They are available nationwide via online consultations.

To take up this great member offer simply login to My Southern Cross mobile app and scroll down to member offers to find the promo code.

Take the opportunity to find out how to eat best for YOUR needs. Everyone is different and your personal goals and food requirements change throughout your lifetime. This is an opportunity to work with a trusted Registered Nutritionist from Feel Fresh Nutrition to receive personally tailored nutritional advice that fits in with your preferences and lifestyle. 

Why working with Feel Fresh Nutrition can help you:

Working with a trusted Registered Nutritionist means getting a personal nutrition plan just for you. They will spend time listening to your questions and learning all about your health, your family history, your needs, and your goals. They then help you set goals and stick to them with specific resources that are beneficial for you personally. There are many different ways to incorporate good eating practices, everyone is treated as an individual.

In your first consultation, we learn about what your priorities are, we agree on what changes you need to start making to help you get there. Your next 30 minute follow-up consultation is to problem solve what barriers could be holding you back and outline changes are required. After your third consultation you will have a full understanding of what you need to do, every resource necessary, further testing completed (if applicable), meal plans, recipes, access to all the clever tools and tricks to use on a daily basis.

The short and long-term benefits of seeing a Nutritionist.

Annual visits to the doctor are a good way to assess if you have high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, and sometimes you need a closer look to fully understand how food could be affecting your health and weight. This is where a RN can assess any lab results or potential barriers you have to eating well to help create a comprehensive eating guide that is not only delicious but keeps you on track, with the potential to lead to healthier lab results each passing year. Great results may only be a few consults away.