At Southern Cross we’re with everyone who gives their everything

We understand the hard work that goes into business, and we’re here to help teams perform at their best. Here’s just some of the reasons why NZ workplaces choose to offer health insurance to their teams:

Why Southern Cross is the right choice as your workplace health insurer

  • More businesses choose Southern Cross to protect their team than any other NZ health insurer
  • We have a range of plan options and can help you find the right fit for your team
  • Southern Cross paid 72% of the value of all health insurance claims in New Zealand in the last financial year. For every dollar received in premiums we paid over 88c in claims.[3]
  • When your staff need to take care of their health, we make claiming easy

"It’s a partnership. When people at Unison talk about health insurance, they don't say health insurance, they say, ‘Southern Cross’. We talk about Southern Cross as a member of our family. "

Toby Davis, CEO Contracting Services, Unison Networks

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Southern Cross can help you tailor a health insurance and wellbeing solution for your business

Health insurance to protect your team*

Choose to pay for health insurance for your team, and we can provide product options to suit your employee’s needs.

Other benefits include discounts on retail rates and possible cover for pre-existing conditions.

Wellbeing resources to support your team

Get FREE access to BeingWellPlus when paying for health insurance for your team.

An easy-to-use workplace health and wellbeing programme that’s customizable to help your employees stay healthy.

An ongoing seamless experience

Digital onboarding to health Insurance.

A dedicated Account Manager/Adviser that will provide on-going business support and assistance.

Easy claiming options for your employees.

*Please note – A workplace health insurance scheme is only available for organisations who have at least 5 FTE who join the scheme. You can get a quote for individual health insurance here

Did you know?

Employees with health insurance spend less than half the time on waiting lists for elective surgery, than those without.1

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