Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We're with all New Zealanders

Southern Cross looks after more New Zealanders than any other health insurance provider, and that’s why we’re passionate about embracing diversity and inclusivity.

Being understanding, fair, and accessible to each and every member is something we strive for each day. So when you join Southern Cross, you can feel comfortable about telling us who you are – and how best we can help you.

We care about who you are

When you join Southern Cross, we ask for your age and biological sex to determine the premium on your health insurance policy. But we understand that the way you identify may be different.

We want to talk to you in the way you prefer. That’s why you can choose from various title options, including ‘Mx’ if you don’t want a gender used in correspondence. If you’d like us to update the gender details we have on record, including if you’ve had intersex or gender affirmation surgery, you can do so by contacting us.

You can read our FAQs here

Actions speak louder than words

Southern Cross is proud to be Rainbow Tick certified for eight years and counting. This means we’ve successfully completed a diversity and inclusion assessment, showing that we welcome sexual and gender diversity and have agreed to on-going quality improvement.

Maintaining a diverse workforce at Southern Cross helps us with this. Of those who chose to provide us with this information about themselves, 66.4% of employees identified as female/wāhine, including 71% of our executive team, and 0.5% identified as non-binary.

Our commitment to LGBTQIA+ and minority communities is also reflected in our culture at Southern Cross:

  • We’ve developed and maintained a Diversity and Inclusion Forum
  • We support events such as Big Gay Out, International Women’s Day and more
  • We offer Māori cultural competency and language classes to employees
  • We regularly report to members on how we’re performing on diversity and inclusion

FAQs on gender identification

  • Why does Southern Cross ask for my biological sex

    Because the cover under our health insurance policies applies to your total anatomy.

  • Does Southern Cross use my biological sex to stop me receiving certain treatments?

    No, you are covered based on your biological body. For example, for an intersex member, our health insurance cover applies to both ‘male’ and ‘female’ organs.

  • Can I amend my biological sex?

    If you have undergone surgical gender affirmation, which legally entitles you to be recognised as another biological sex, you can request your biological sex to be amended on an existing insurance policy.

    Because you’re covered based on your biological body, if you’ve undergone surgical gender affirmation and your biological sex is amended on your health insurance policy, your premium rates could change. This applies primarily to Cancer Assist and Critical Illness policies. And the new rates will apply from the date the policy is amended.

    Please note that gender affirmation surgery and directly related healthcare services are not covered under our health insurance policies.

  • Can I have on my record that I identify with a different gender to my biological sex?

    Yes. At any time, you have the option to advise us or update the gender you identify with. We understand that your biological sex may be different to your gender identity.

  • I identify as being gender diverse. Can you capture this on my record?

    Yes, at any time you have the option to update the gender you identify with.

  • Can I select to use a different title to my biological sex?

    Yes, you can choose from various title options, or you can select to not use a title.

  • I do not wish my gender to be known. Can I have my title as Mx or no title at all?

    Yes, we can do this for you.

  • Will changing my biological sex on my policy affect my premiums?

    Yes. It will change premium rates on our Cancer Assist and Critical Illness policies, and the new rates would apply from the date of policy amendment.

  • Does a change in biological sex apply to all my policies?

    Yes, the change will be made on all your Southern Cross health insurance policies.

  • If I’m intersex, what gender do I put on my application?

    With a male or female classification, please select the legally identified sex. With an X classification, please answer the questions that are applicable to your personal circumstances.

  • Is gender affirmation surgery and any directly related healthcare services covered on my Southern Cross health insurance policy?

    Southern Cross regularly reviews the services we offer and make decisions to include or exclude cover for different services based on the needs of the collective membership, and then we base the premium on covering only the services which are included.

    We currently exclude gender affirmation surgery for a range of reasons based on our previous reviews which include, but are not limited to, the cost and availability of this type of surgery within New Zealand. However, we can cover associated costs for consultations and Pharmac subsidised drugs/hormone therapy, providing your policy type has the applicable benefits.

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