First Cover

First Cover is a shared cover set of plans available only through selected advisers. Shared cover means you and Southern Cross each pay some of the costs of the healthcare services you receive.


First Cover 1

First Cover 2

Surgical procedures, with unlimited cover (subject to prosthesis maximums), plus cover for recovery and support

First (1) First (1)

Cancer care including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncologist consultations and hospice care

First (1) First (1)

Specialist consultations
Limit of 5 visits per claims year1

within 6 months before or after surgery

First (1)

Out-of-hospital tests including cardiac tests

within 6 months before or after surgery

First (1)

Imaging including x-rays, ultrasounds, mammography, MRI, CT and PET scans

First (1) First (1)

Non-surgical treatment excluding geriatric care

First (1) First (1)

1 Limited to 5 visits per claims year up to $5,000 per claims year (in total). 5 visit limit does not apply to oncologist consultations. Excludes psychiatrist and all skin lesion consultations. 

With First Cover, there is no cover for pre-existing conditions.

How affordable is this plan?

Because you pay a portion of your treatment costs, the insurance premium you pay for First Cover is lower.


You may be able to lower your premiums (if you aren't part of a subsidised work scheme) through our:

  • 10% healthy lifestyle reward - if you meet our simple healthy lifestyle criteria we’ll reduce your premiums for up to two years; or
  • low claims discount of up to 10%.

How does the reimbursement work for this plan?

A First Cover plan will reimburse 80% of the eligible costs you incur (unless otherwise stated and subject to reasonable charges) up to stated policy maximums.

More information?

For full details on the terms and conditions (including exclusions), please refer to the First Cover Plans schedule of benefits or contact us.