Two people looking at a laptop screen
Two people looking at a laptop screen

Security awareness and training

We’re all responsible for security

At Southern Cross we take information security very seriously, and when it comes to protecting your data, we adopt a company-wide approach. While we have a dedicated security team who are always working on improving security and implementing strong safeguarding measures, everyone at Southern Cross plays a part in making it truly effective.

What we’re up against

Cybercriminals are essentially faceless – they’re an invisible risk. Because you can’t physically see them, they can easily pretend to be anything or anyone they want.

Each year millions of people around the world are targeted via email or phone and, unfortunately, the criminals often get away with it.

They’re masters at social engineering attacks and have learnt to bypass many security technologies.

If they can deceive an employee by impersonating someone they know and trust, they can gain access to sensitive information - to a cybercriminal almost any information from an organisation is useful.

How we train our team

Protecting data, minimising security threats, and being vigilant at all times are some of our key security practices. Information security is one of the mandatory training modules for every employee.

We train our team to:

  • detect suspicious behaviour
  • report and eliminate security threats like phishing attempts
  • take specific actions based on any unusual activity they notice

In addition, we ensure all team members, contractors, third-party providers, and consultants are made aware of internal security practices. Our robust cybersecurity awareness programme covers topics such as:

  • securing confidential information
  • practising safe Internet and email use
  • security policies, guidelines, and practices
  • the latest developments on social engineering and phishing, malware, viruses, attack techniques etc

By being fully committed to creating a culture where everyone is proactively responsible for security, we aim to stay ahead of the cybercriminals.

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