Two men walking on a mountain tethered by a security line
Two men walking on a mountain tethered by a security line


Cybercrime poses a real threat to businesses and organisations the world over. When it comes to safeguarding the information we hold on you, we have numerous security protocols in place, from the technology we use, to the training we deliver.

Governance - graphic icon

Security governance

How we manage information security at Southern Cross

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Security assurance - graphic icon

Security assurance

How we provide security assurance of information, IT systems and applications

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Security operations - graphic icon

Security operations

How we secure our IT systems and services

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Security controls - graphic icon

Security controls

How we implement appropriate security measures to safeguard data

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Security systems and information - graphic icon

Security systems and information

How we design, develop, and implement security in our services and applications

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Security compliance - graphic icon

Security compliance

How we ensure compliance with our legal obligations and align with industry standards and best practice

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Security awareness and training - graphic icon

Security awareness and training

How we provide security training, awareness, and promote a security culture

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Third-party service providers - graphic icon

Third-party service providers

How we assess and approve providers and their services

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Staying safe online - graphic icon

Our quick guide to staying safe online

How you can keep your identity and personal information safe and secure online

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