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If I put an excess on my policy how does it work?

If you're on a Wellbeing One or Wellbeing Two plan and select an excess, the excess is payable per person, per claims year. For example, if the excess on your policy is $500, and you submit a claim for $2,000, $500 will be deducted as excess before your claim is paid. This means your refund would be $1,500. After that, if you make another claim in that claims year, you won’t have any more money deducted from eligible refunds. However as the excess is per person, per claims year, others who claim on your policy in the same claims year will need to pay their own excess amount before receiving any refund in relation to claims they submit. The Wellbeing One and Wellbeing Two excess does not apply to all benefits and allowances - such as optional modules - it's best to ask before you seek treatment so you know if you’ll need to pay your excess.

If you’re on a KiwiCare Budget or RegularCare Budget plan, the $500 excess is also applied per person, per claims year. There are no other excess options available for KiwiCare or RegularCare.

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