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Lisa Carrington series

Watch the series to find out what motivates her, what her training involves, how she looks after her physical and mental wellbeing, how she has stayed resilient through these trying times and what gives her the edge and keeps her at the pinnacle of her sport

Episode one: Origins of an Olympian
Episode two: Mindset and intrinsic motivation
Episode three: The power of resilience
Episode four: The advantage of uncertainty

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Life has never been busier. It’s time to take life back and do what’s important to you. Reclaim your sense of wellbeing by spending more quality time with friends and family, sitting less and getting more active in your day, eating fresher foods and getting better sleep.

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The dangers of not enough sleep

Health maintenance - when to see the professionals

Prevention is the best medicine and regular check-ups support your overall wellbeing. But the costs can add up.


It’s all about taking good care of your health and wellbeing, so you can feel good now and in the future.
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