Why would a business choose to use a financial adviser?

by the Southern Cross Team
Monday , 14 September 2020 - 1-2 minute read
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Making good decisions about insurance is important. That’s why many Kiwi businesses choose to talk to an adviser first. Advisers can work with you to review your insurance needs, provide personalised financial advice and recommend products to suit. We believe health insurance helps you to attract and retain talent, ensure your employees’ health is well looked after and provides your employees with peace of mind.

How could an Adviser improve my business?

1. Independent advice process

  • An adviser is not aligned to an insurer – they are able to go to market to find the right health insurance plan for you.
  • They can help you get the most out of your relationship with your chosen insurance provider.
  • One stop shop – your adviser may offer other products alongside health insurance i.e. General and Risk.

2. An adviser can help you:

  • understand your workforce profile to determine your risks and productivity and what’s important for your health insurance to cover
  • provide you with personalised financial advice
  • recommend and develop a sustainable benefit programme that’s aligned with your corporate strategy
  • prioritise initiatives in line with your corporate philosophy
  • demonstrate the value of your investment and ensure your health insurance plan is fit for purpose and valued by your employees.

3. The personal touch through a trusted relationship

  • Your company brand, reputation and employer of choice status is prioritised along with insuring the health of your employees.
  • Consistent, continuous service with one adviser – someone who is there for you, your employees and their families.
  • Employees will be assisted to make ‘eyes open’ decisions about the insurance plan upfront, so there’s no surprises at claim time.

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