Benefits of membership - terms and conditions – available from 24 October 2022

Effective from 24 October 2022, (subject to the terms and conditions below) membership with Southern Cross Medical Care Society (“Southern Cross”) will include access to the following healthcare services without the need to claim under the member’s policy (together the “Benefits”):

Consultations with CareHQ Limited Partnership (“CareHQ”)

Appointments must be booked via the MySouthernCross app in order to be free of charge. Members aged 16 years or over must book using their own My Southern Cross login credentials when booking their appointment with CareHQ via the My Southern Cross app. CareHQ is unable to provide consultations for members aged 16 years or over where the appointment has been made using another member’s login. Any appointments for members aged below 16 years will need to be made by the policyholder.

Mental health sessions with Raise Limited (“Raise”)

Up to three counselling or wellbeing coaching sessions with Raise.
Members are entitled to 3 sessions in each claim's year. This does not include any sessions attended between 1 December 2021 and 24 October 2022.

If a Member does not attend their appointment or the Member provides Raise with less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of their appointment, the missed appointment will be counted towards the Member’s total of 3 sessions per claims year and the Member will be charged directly by Raise for any subsequent appointments made by them in their current policy’s claim year.

Benefits revocable: Southern Cross may, at any time and without providing any prior notice to Members, revoke the deed poll pursuant to which the Benefits are made available to Members, a copy of which is published on this web page (“Deed Poll”) or any of the Benefits. Upon revocation of the Deed Poll or any of the Benefits, Southern Cross shall cease to offer the Benefits to Members and the Members will not be able to take up the Benefits. Any revocation or changes to the Benefits will be notified on this web page.

The Benefits are available to any member of Southern Cross whose policy payments are up to date and the policy is not on hold or suspended at the time that they make a booking or receive the relevant Benefit, regardless of the Southern Cross plan that they are on. Any member of Southern Cross whose policy payments are not up to date, or their policy is on hold or suspended, will not be able to access the Benefits.

Please note the policyholder of the policy you book under will be notified once you have used either the MedPro or Raise Benefits. For Raise, they will see that you have had a counselling session with Raise, but not what type of consultation it was.

Benefits are subject to availability, including (but not limited to) the availability of the professionals who provide the Benefits. Southern Cross accepts no liability for either the Benefits provided by CareHQ, Raise or MedPro or the inability of Southern Cross members to access any of the Benefits during the period that the Benefits are available to members.