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Does my policy cover my pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are normally excluded as health insurance is primarily intended to provide cover for the treatment of health conditions that occur after the policy has been taken out.

You can choose an UltraCare plan which may cover eligible pre-existing conditions after 3 years. Pre-existing conditions will not be covered under the Chemotherapy 100 or Chemotherapy 300 upgrade options but may be covered to the ‘chemotherapy for cancer’ benefit in your base plan.

You may also be entitled to cover for pre-existing conditions if you’re a member of an employer work scheme.

There’s no cover for pre-existing conditions under the policy unless we agree in writing to offer cover for certain pre-existing conditions. Your membership certificate lists the pre-existing conditions that we’re aware of, and the status of their cover. This gives you greater certainty about what is and isn’t covered under your policy.

To confirm the status of cover for any pre-existing conditions, please see your membership certificate on My Southern Cross

contact us or your independent financial adviser if you would like to discuss your individual needs.


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