Fact or myth - Himalayan salt 

Think Himalayan salt is better for you? You may be surprised. Find out what’s true and what’s not about salt in this great article.

Porridge - the healthy winter breakfast

Enjoy hot porridge for breakfast this winter - it’s healthy, full of fibre and will keep you fuller for longer. I love having mine with peaches, almonds and a dollop of honey. How do you have yours? Check our these ideas for yummy topping suggestions.

Kiwifruit better than tablets

You’re better off eating a kiwifruit than chewing a vitamin C tablet, suggests  research from the University of Otago. Natural fruit source is better absorbed than a vitamin C supplement so start eating that kiwifruit.

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Conquer your sweet tooth

Are those cravings for lollies taking over your life? It’s been suggested that a sugar craving occurs in an attempt to elevate our mood; a form of self-medication. The theory goes that by consuming sugars we increase the levels of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter known to elevate mood. Check out tips on how to conquer your sweet tooth.

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Mighty minerals

Some people cruise through winter with barely a sniffle; others keep the tissue companies in business. Is it because some of us are munching on the minerals? The difference between an efficient immune system and regular bouts of sickness could have everything to do with what you’re eating (or not!). Find out what minerals your body needs.

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Fibre is your friend

Fibre isn’t the most riveting topic for a conversation, but it does get rather interesting once you realise what it can do for you. Weight loss, lower blood cholesterol levels are just a couple of the benefits of having fibe in your diet.Read more

Low fat foods - healthy or not?

Think all low fat foods are healthy? Not necessarily - they may be high in sugar like some types of yoghurt and cereals. Make sure you’re aware of what’s in your next low-fat food.

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Cut down on salt

A simple way to cut down on salt is to use herbs, and spices to flavour food instead.Check out some more tips and information from the Stroke foundation (pdf).