Mobile phone fitness apps

Got an iphone or android? There are a whole bunch of awesome fitness apps you can use to help you get active this summer. Check out some of the best ones here.

Making excuses not to exercise?

Trying to find an excuse not to exercise? No doubt one of them will be on this list of the 9 most popular exercise excuses. Beat the excuses and let's get fit for summer!


A great way to get the lower body fit is to do squats! It's so important that you do them properly. Check out the tips on how to do a good squat without hurting yourself here.

Winter sports and cold-related injuries

Did you know that exercising in cold weather places extra demands on the body. A drop in core body temperature of just 1°C causes the muscles to shiver, which in turn can lead to low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) and reduced sporting performance. Get the tips on how you can prepare.

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Rainy day exercise

Even the most dedicated exercisers find it difficult to walk, cycle or run when it’s miserable outside. We’ve put together a bunch of ways you can exercise in side – dancing is a great one! No excuse really.

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Couch workout

Here’s proof that you can tone your muscles anytime, anywhere – even while you’re watching a movie or your favourite TV series. All you need is a couch. Leg raises, triceps, glutes – the couch has it covered.

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Walking – the wonder exercise

Without making any conscious effort to exercise, you probably walk about 5,000 steps a day. Research tells us that upping this to 10,000 a day helps to keep your heart healthy and your weight down – two results that will do heaps for your long-term health. We’ve got some tips to get you in the mood for walking.

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