Complimentary diagnostic hearing test and hearing aid discounts

Do you struggle following conversation around the dinner table, or find yourself constantly asking friends and family to repeat themselves? Stay involved, and take back control of your life by getting your hearing checked regularly. bloom™ believe better hearing starts with listening, and no one creates better hearing solutions than bloom™.

bloom™ and Southern Cross have partnered up to create the perfect hearing care plan - to help every Southern Cross member get regular hearing checks.

  • Complimentary 30 minute hearing check for all members over the age of 25.*
  • A follow-up complimentary diagnostic test if the initial hearing check shows further investigation is required.*
  • 25% off Widex and Signia hearing aids.*

Annual monitoring is recommended for adults over the age of 25 as it helps identify early signs of hearing difficulty and is an opportunity to discuss hearing protection. The hearing test will ascertain the softest levels of sound you can hear across a range of pitches and establish how clearly you can understand words at soft levels.

This offer is available to all members over the age of 25 as well as family members over the age of 50. Just book and show your member card on arrival (it’s also on the app) or ask your family member to give your name and Member card number, when they book.

Find your nearest bloom™ location.

or call 0800 522 422 quoting your Southern Cross member card number.