CareHQ FAQs 

How do I start my virtual appointment?

You’ll be sent an email and a SMS / text message confirmation with a secure link for your consultation 15 minutes beforehand. Simply click on the link and it will take you straight through to the consultation.

Tips for a great consultation experience:

  • If your workplace has strong network security try using your personal internet connection on your personal device
  • Wherever you are, make sure you’ve a good internet connection and stay in one place
  • Find a private and quiet space to have your consultation
  • It might be helpful for you to have a note of your usual medication or have your medication on hand
  • You don’t need to stay glued to your screen or keep the CareHQ app open while you’re waiting for your consultation to start, we’ll send you an email and a SMS / text message when your GP is ready to connect
  • Have the name of your usual GP practice and the name of your preferred pharmacy on hand in case you need a prescription as it will be sent to your preferred pharmacy for you to collect