Ways to reduce your premium

Pay by direct debit

If you have a private policy with Southern Cross (ie your policy is not in a work scheme), you can get a 2.5% premium discount by paying by direct debit. See how to set up a direct debit.

Add an excess

You may be able to add an excess to your policy, This means when you need to make a claim, you pay an agreed amount. In return, your premium is lower. To see if an excess is available on your plan, please contact us.

Review your level of cover

Your renewal may be a good time to review your cover and make sure it still suits your needs. If you want to reduce your premium and you're currently covered for extras such as optical and dental treatment, doctors' visits and prescriptions, consider changing to a plan that covers you for major medical treatment, diagnostic tests and specialist consultations instead. View our plans here.

Further information can be found in our Annual Report.