All about premiums

See the factors we consider when we review premiums, what we’re doing to help keep your future premiums affordable, and ways to reduce your premium.

What influences premium changes?

Rising healthcare costs
Healthcare costs continue to rise year on year. These rising healthcare costs combined with a growing number of claims, saw the total amount we paid in claims grow by 10.8% in 2017 (from 2016).

Southern Cross CEO Nick Astwick explains more about the last financial year and the biggest thing driving premium increases...





FAQs about premiums

What are we doing to help manage premium increases?


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How does claiming influence premiums?

3.2 million claims in 2017

What can I do to reduce my premium?


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What procedures are members claiming for?


Premiums usually increase with age, this is because as we get older there's generally a need to claim more often, and for greater amounts. In particular, members turning 21 may notice a larger premium increase than usual because from this age, an adult premium rate applies.

Rewards and discounts

Some members may qualify for discounts on their premium. These include a direct debit discount, low claims discount, healthy lifestyle reward, and free child discount.

Work scheme arrangements

If you're part of a work scheme, it's likely that you receive a discounted rate from private membership rates. This discount is reviewed each year and may take into account:

  • the number of employees in your work scheme
  • the total claims paid for your work scheme
  • any subsidy that your employer provides
  • the way your premium is paid