Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions that pop up during renewal time. Plus, a mini-glossary to help understand key terms in your information pack.


When we review premiums, we consider aspects such as changes in the healthcare environment – including the increasing number and cost of claims. And because there’s generally a need to claim more often and for greater amounts as we get older, premiums increase with age.

Find out more about what influences premium changes.

There are three ways you may be able to reduce your premium, including paying by direct debit, adding an excess to your policy, or reviewing your level of cover.

Find out more here.

We have a number of initiatives to help manage premium costs. These include strengthening our Affiliated Provider programme, recovering costs from ACC, regular plan reviews, increasing our online services, and actively promoting better health and wellbeing to our members. See more information.

Members aged 21 or over who claim under a set amount over a 2 year calculation period may qualify for a low claims reward. See more about the low claims reward, or contact us for more information.

Your 2.5% direct debit discount is included in your new premium before any other rewards or discounts are applied.

If you’re part of a work scheme, it’s likely that you receive a discounted rate. You can contact us to confirm this, or check if your employer offers Southern Cross health insurance.

 If you’re part of a work scheme, it’s likely that you receive a discounted rate over private membership rates. This discount is reviewed each year and may take into account:

  • the number of employees in your work scheme.
  • the total claims paid for your work scheme.
  • any subsidy that your employer provides.
  • the way your premium is paid.

If you pay your premium by direct debit, credit card or wage and salary deductions, you don’t need to pay now. Your premium will be updated automatically.

If you pay your premium by invoice, please don’t pay your premium now. We’ll send an invoice soon.

You can set up a direct debit through My Southern Cross, by returning a completed form, or over the phone with one of our friendly team. See more about setting up a direct debit.

You can set up regular credit card payments by returning a completed payment authority form. See more about setting up regular credit card payments.

See more about the low claims reward.

See more about the healthy lifestyle reward.

See more about the free child discount.

A person under 21 years of age.

Your claims anniversary is the date that any benefits with annual limits, and annual excesses, restart again each year. If you make a change to your plan, your claims anniversary date may change.

You can check your claims anniversary date in My Southern Cross.

Your group ID is a code that relates to your type of membership. You might need your group code when completing payment authority forms.

Your policy anniversary is the date your policy renews each year. Any changes to your policy may affect your policy anniversary date.

You can check your policy anniversary date on your renewal letter or in My Southern Cross.

Your policy renews each year on your policy anniversary date. At this time, we send you a renewal pack detailing your new premium.