SuperCare is a plan with a higher level of shared cover (compared to KiwiCare and RegularCare plans) available directly from Southern Cross. It includes fixed contributions for a wide range of surgical treatment and benefits for day to day healthcare such as GP visits, physiotherapy, optical and dental.

Shared cover means you and Southern Cross each pay some of the costs of the healthcare services you receive.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include shared cover for:

  • Surgical treatment (fixed contribution) including cardiac surgery and cover for recovery and support
  • Cancer care including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oncologist consultations
  • Specialist consultations
  • Day-to-day healthcare including doctors visits, prescriptions and physiotherapy
  • Imaging and diagnostic procedures including x-rays, ultrasounds, mammography, MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Non-surgical hospitalisation excluding hospice and geriatric care
  • Vision cover for orthoptist and optometrist

With SuperCare, certain qualifying pre-existing conditions may be covered after 3 years of continuous cover.

How affordable is this plan?

Because it’s a shared cover plan, SuperCare represents good value for money, balancing cost with cover.


You may be able to lower your premiums (if you aren't part of a subsidised work scheme) through our:

  • 10% healthy lifestyle reward - if you meet our simple healthy lifestyle criteria we’ll reduce your premiums for up to two years; or
  • low claims discount of up to 10%.

How does the reimbursement work for this plan?

Your refund for an eligible healthcare service will be the lower of the policy limits or the actual cost of qualifying expenses.

More information?

For full details on the terms and conditions (including exclusions), please refer to the policy document, the SuperCare benefits summary or contact us.