KiwiCare is a shared cover plan available directly from Southern Cross. It provides a contribution towards surgical treatment, specialist consultations, imaging and diagnostic tests.

Shared cover means you and Southern Cross each pay some of the costs of the healthcare services you receive.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include shared cover for:

  • Surgical treatment including cover for recovery and support
  • Cancer care including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oncologist consultations
  • Specialist consultations
  • Imaging and diagnostic procedures including x-rays, ultrasounds, mammography, MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Non-surgical hospitalisation excluding hospice and geriatric care.
With KiwiCare, there is no cover for pre-existing conditions.

How affordable is this plan?

KiwiCare is our most affordable plan, because you share in the costs of treatment and it does not include day to day treatment costs.

KiwiCare Budget goes a step further by offering a $100 excess to reduce premiums. If you take the excess option, we will deduct $100 from each claim that we accept.


You may be able to lower your premiums (if you aren't part of a subsidised work scheme) through our:

  • 10% healthy lifestyle reward - if you meet our simple healthy lifestyle criteria we’ll reduce your premiums for up to two years; or
  • low claims reward if you don’t claim over the low claims threshold.

How does the reimbursement work for this plan?

KiwiCare will reimburse you for the lower of 80% of the actual cost or the policy limits as detailed in the policy document for eligible healthcare services.

More information?

For full details on the terms and conditions (including exclusions), please refer to the policy document, the KiwiCare benefits summary or contact us.