Your health insurance plan is changing

To make sure you continue to get the best value from your health insurance, we’re making some changes to your plan. Here’s a quick summary of the changes and how they affect you.

Key details

Making changes to our plans will simplify our overall product range. This helps to keep our operational costs down which, in turn, helps make premiums more affordable in the future. We have identified a number of plans no longer offer best value to our members, due to:


  • having few members;
  • being older plans; and/or
  • being very similar to other plans we offer.
The effective date of the change will be on your new membership certificate.
If you pay or contribute to your premium, your new premium will be in your renewal pack.
Any cover (or exclusions) that you currently have for pre-existing health conditions will be remain the same.  If you’re part way through earning cover, this tenure will continue to be recognised.
Yes. These changes will not impact any prior approvals already issued.
If you haven’t advised us that you’re changing employer, please let us know as soon as you can. The plan changes will only apply if you retain your current plan and excess level with your new employer.
You’ll still be able to reduce your new premium by adding an excess. However, the $250 excess option will no longer be available.

To help you with this change, we’ll waive the difference in excess so for the first year, the amount you have left to pay before your next claims anniversary won’t change.
For example, after the changes:


  • your claims anniversary will change from April to October, in line with your renewal
  • your excess will change from $250 to $500 per claims year
  • you had already paid $100 of your excess this claims year, meaning you will only have $150 left to pay
  • we won’t require you to pay the further $250, meaning you still only have $150 in excess to pay until the October following the changes. The increased excess will be payable in your next claims year.
Yes, you will start a new claims year on the effective date of the plan changes in line with your policy renewal.
Yes. Claims are assessed according to the benefits applicable at the time the healthcare service took place and you can send these in at any time.

More information

We know that every member’s personal circumstances are different, so please contact us if you wish to discuss alternate plan options.

You don’t need to do anything, but to know more, call us on 0800 800 181 (Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5:30pm, Friday 9am-5pm) or send us and enquiry and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.