What is an Affiliated Provider?

An Affiliated Provider is a doctor, specialist or medical facility that is contracted to provide Southern Cross members with certain healthcare services at agreed prices.

Some healthcare services are only covered by your policy if they’re performed by an Affiliated Provider. These healthcare services are called ‘Affiliated Provider-only’.

Find an Affiliated Provider      Affiliated Provider-only healthcare services


3 Reasons using an Affiliated Provider helps you

1 It’s easy. The Affiliated Provider organises prior approval for the healthcare service you need and claims on your behalf. 2 It keeps your future premiums more affordable by helping us to manage the cost of claims. 3

Agreed prices mean you know up-front how much your contribution will be (if any).

 How to use an Affiliated Provider



*This will depend on your plan type (for example, if you have an excess). If your healthcare service involves prostheses or any specialised equipment, refer to the List of Prostheses and Specialised Equipment for the maximums covered

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