Changes to eligibility criteria

Thursday, 1 October 2015 by Helen King


Due to a change in legislation, we have updated our policy documents to make eligibility criteria more transparent for members.

We have recently completed a comprehensive review of Southern Cross eligibility criteria to ensure they are clear and consistent. As a result, eligibility criteria have either been simplified or removed. All services must be provided in accordance with the terms of our policy documents, including any exclusions.

While the wording of some eligibility criteria has changed, none of these changes will further restrict the services that can be provided under an Affiliated Provider (AP) agreement. The updated eligibility criteria will be introduced into AP agreements over the coming year.

The eligibility criteria and five main policy exclusions are now on the Southern Cross website.

If you have any questions or would like your Affiliated Provider agreement updated now with the revised eligibility criteria, you can contact your Contract Manager.

If you are not an Affiliated Provider but would like to speak to someone about eligibility criteria, please call the Provider line on 0800 770 843.