Southern Cross Health Society - working with you

If you're a member, please see our member COVID-19 page.

Southern Cross Health Society is still up and running and working with you to provide services to Southern Cross members. All of our teams around the country have moved to working from home and we are here to help. 

We understand how challenging the current COVID-19 situation is for you, your family and your practice or facility. Your dedication to patient care during this difficult time is appreciated - thank you on behalf of our members.

Still operating and available

While it’s not quite business as usual for any of us, we are doing all we can to provide the support you need. Our Contact Centre team, including Relationship Managers, will be operating Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Your Partnership Manager is still available to take your calls and meet online. Partnership Manager details can be found on our Support page.

Phone and video consultations from 17 March 2020

A reminder that specialist consultations can be conducted by phone or video (if no physical examination is required) over the next three months and will still be eligible for payment as per your Affiliated Provider agreement (see ‘Guidance for phone or video consultations’ below).

Please take a look at our frequently asked questions for Affiliated Providers below and feel free to contact you Partnership Manger if you have any other questions they can help with.

Affiliated Provider agreements

If you have a price review or agreement renewal coming up, your Partnership Manager will be in touch to discuss. If your contract is due to expire in the next few months, please contact your Partnership Manager as soon as you can to discuss the best options for you.

As we are currently unable to post contract documents or variations, we are moving to digital signing for all documents. We will need to confirm the email address you would like documents sent to and a mobile phone number for authentication checks. Your Partnership Manager can provide more information about this.

Online options for members

For those of you that are Southern Cross members, you can access updates on our COVID-19 page including answers to frequently asked questions. Included in these FAQs is guidance for members on how to manage their ongoing or planned health needs.

As always, there are a number of options for members to manage their policy online using My Southern Cross.

For any services that are not Affiliated Provider, members can complete online claims using My Southern Cross or the mobile app. Posted claims will take slightly longer to process than normal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding if it takes longer than usual to respond to your queries. Southern Cross is doing our very best to support healthcare providers, our members, and the many businesses in New Zealand that provide health insurance to their employees during this extraordinary time.

Guidance for phone or video consultations from 17 March 2020

Please find below guidance on how claims can be made under your Affiliated Provider agreement for phone or video consultations (where clinically appropriate) for Southern Cross members:

  • Southern Cross is allowing an exception to your Affiliated Provider agreement (and the member’s health insurance policy) by allowing you to claim for specialist consultations (initial and follow up), conducted with members where clinically appropriate, by video or phone, starting immediately. All other terms and conditions of your Affiliated Provider agreement still need to be met. The terms of the member’s policy document will continue to apply.
  • It’s important that you only undertake phone or video consultations when clinically appropriate to do so. Please follow any guidance from your college or association on effective phone or video specialist consultations, including the need to meet privacy and security obligations in respect to the collection of personal health information.
  • To clarify, there will be no other changes to Affiliated Provider agreements or pricing.
  • This is a special solution for exceptional circumstances in response to COVID-19. As the situation is changing rapidly, we will continue to monitor it and will be in contact should our position change.
  • Please note - all out-patient follow-up consultations included in the surgical price for the six- week post-operative consultation can be done by phone or video if appropriate (eg where no physical examination is required). Please note these are already included in the price for the surgery and are not to be claimed for separately under your Affiliated Provider agreement.
  • If members cancel specialist consultation appointments due to COVID-19, please follow your standard process for a cancellation/DNA (did not attend).

FAQs for Affiliated Providers

In Provider Web, use the normal process for changing a service date in the Approval Tracking screen. If the service has been cancelled, please cancel the application. Any unclaimed approvals will automatically close after 60 days.

Fee for service approvals issued by Southern Cross are valid for 60 days. For rescheduled services after 60 days, members will need to reapply for prior approval through Southern Cross. This can be done online or by calling Southern Cross. Members can do this online via My Southern Cross or by calling 0800 800 181.
Yes, Provider Web is working and you can add approvals and reschedule services. Payments can also be requested as normal.
You as a ‘user’ are able to reset your password directly in Provider Web using the 'Forgot password' option on the login screen.

You will receive an email to your registered email address with a link. That link requests the answers to your pre-set security questions. If you can answer the questions successfully, you can proceed with resetting your password.

If you need help, contact your Relationship Manager on 0800 757 838 or
If your contract is due to expire in the next few months, please contact your Partnership Manager as soon as you can to discuss the best option for you.
If your contract is due a CPI increase, we will process this as usual. Your Partnership Manager will be in touch with you to advise the new prices and the date they will be effective.
We understand that you may be working out of a different location temporarily for consultations during the current Alert Level 4 lockdown. You only need to let us know if this change of location will be a permanent one or if surgical treatment is being conducted out of a different facility.