Affiliated Provider audits

Southern Cross sometimes conducts audits as needed to ensure Affiliated Providers (APs) are complying with the terms of their agreements. Audits are always carried out within the rights and obligations under an AP agreement.


Checking compliance with an AP agreement is one reason we may ask you to take part in an audit. In other cases we audit because data analysis or other investigations have helped us identify irregularities with or possible breaches of an agreement.


Sometimes we conduct a second audit to confirm you have made required changes after the first or to establish whether an issue is systemic.

Notice of an audit

APs will be given no fewer than five working days’ notice of an audit. However, if the audit's integrity is at risk of breach or a serious specific incident has occurred, APs will be given 24 hours' notice.

Audit results

Audit results are kept confidential between you and Southern Cross. Identifiable personal information will not be recorded in audit reports. Please direct any questions to or call your Partnership Manager