Thursday 9 November
SkyCity, Auckland


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Welcome address from Nick Astwick - CEO, Southern Cross Health Society


Keynote introduction and conference opening from Miriama Kamo - MC

9:15am Opening Keynote: Derek Handley - Social Entrepreneur

What changes can businesses make to genuinely and authentically put the needs of their employees first, and support them to be their fullest, healthiest and most realised, purposeful selves? In a world where modern business practices seem fundamentally at odds with personal wellbeing, purpose and fulfilment, Derek will help us delve deeper into how our organisations can better enable every individual to reach their full potential.



Guy Ryan - CEO and Founder, Inspiring Stories

2015 Young New Zealander of the Year, Guy Ryan will share his experiences in unlocking the potential and purpose of both his team and his organisation. Guy will also share his insights into helping businesses connect with the emerging force in the talent pool - Millennials - based on his experiences working with more than 6,000 young New Zealanders.



Morning tea


Matt Johns - Head of Consulting, Humankind

Having worked in experience design and strategy for the past decade, Matt Johns brings a unique perspective on what he calls, Employee Experience. Matt will discuss the four key elements that truly impact the Employee Experience: Leadership, Operations, Tools and Environment. He’ll explain how each of these must be considered both independently and collectively to achieve a culture that drives truly great employee experience and achieves business success.



Wellbeing case studies

Leading wellbeing champions from some of our best known organisations share their stories from the trenches - what worked, what didn't go so well, how you engage your teams in wellbeing and - most importantly - what have they learned on the journey?

  • Kim Daji - General Manager Human Resources and Administration, William Buck
  • Jo Copeland - Human Resources Director, Simpson Grierson
  • Frances Benge - CEO, Cure Kids
  • Brett Etchells - Ambassador, Premier Group Int.




Terry Buckingham - Health and Wellbeing Manager, Fonterra & Dana Caver - Wellbeing Programme Leader,
Representing a GoodYarn

A GoodYarn is a programme designed for rural professionals and people living in rural communities which focuses on how to manage stress and mental health in the rural environment. Terry and Dana will share some of the successes and challenges of this programme and what lessons they've learned on how to position wellbeing programmes for maximum impact.


Hannah Gerdin - Manager Strategic Wellbeing, Air New Zealand

Drawing on her experiences implementing industry-leading wellbeing programmes at Air New Zealand, Hannah will discuss how to obtain leadership buy-in, dealing with the often feared ROI conversation and how you can build a culture of wellbeing that contributes to the achievement of any company's overall goals.



 Afternoon tea


 Debbie Schultz - OD Leader and Founder of

Throughout her career, Debbie has worked with many different organisations and cultures, and has seen workplaces becoming busier, faster, and more complex. Through her experience she'll share how mindfulness practices and a culture of resilience can support our ability to perform, lead, connect, inspire and deliver.



Closing Keynote: Dr. Michelle Dickinson - Nanotechnologist and science educator

Michelle Dickinson knows a little bit about finding your personal purpose. Taking her impressive academic record, Michelle – along with her alter-ego Nanogirl – has lead a fulfilling career sharing her love of science with the world in pretty spectacular ways. In what will be an explosive finish to Wellbeing Now Michelle will share the power of taking risks to find and live your purpose, and just how much of an impact that can have.



Networking drinks

Corporate case-studies – Best practice in corporate 
wellbeing from around New Zealand

Vodafone, SkyCity, F&P Finance, Calibre Consulting