Wellbeing now 2017 - Culture & Purpose

Thursday 9 November
SkyCity, Auckland

Does your business succeed in making a link between a supportive workplace culture, clear organisational purpose and commercial success? Do you actively foster a culture that is conductive to wellbeing, and clearly connect your 'reason for being' to the day-to-day work of your team?

Join us at Southern Cross' second annual wellbeing conference. Wellbeing now 2017 - Culture & Purpose will bring together a range of speakers and exhibitors to help inspire you to tackle some of these big questions and will make wellbeing a priority in your organisation.

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2017 speakers



Award winning journalist, Miriama Kamo will be back at Wellbeing now this year as our MC.
Miri will guide us expertly through the day, keeping us on time and topic, whilst also getting the debate going.



SCHS_WEB_SPEAKERS_RYAN_0816Lisa Carrington I Southern Cross Health Society brand ambassador

Double Olympic gold medallist and champion of wellbeing, Lisa Carrington has become a household name in New Zealand over the last few years. Following her success at the London, Beijing and Rio Olympics as well as at the 2016 Halberg Awards, Lisa has become an icon of determination, hard work and performance. 
Lisa is passionate about helping business perform to the best of their ability by supporting workplace wellbeing, and she’ll joins us to keep us motivated and focussed throughout the day.

SCHS_WEB_SPEAKERS_DRTOM_0816Derek Handley I Area Foundation

New York-based Kiwi social entrepreneur, Derek Handley has dedicated his career to finding new ways to solve societal challenges. He recently formed Aera Foundation, which invests in causes and companies addressing social issues in imaginative ways. Before this Derek co-founded non-profit The B Team with Sir Richard Branson, an advocacy collective of global business leaders driving a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people and planet.
Derek will speak of what changes businesses can make in order to genuinely and authentically put the needs of their employees first, and support them to be their fullest, healthiest and most realised, purposeful selves. In a world where modern business practices seem fundamentally at odds with personal wellbeing, purpose and fulfilment,  Derek will help us delve deeper into how our organisations can better enable every individual to reach their full potential.

SCHS_WEB_SPEAKERS_AE_0816Guy Ryan I Inspiring Stories
Awarded Young New Zealander of the Year in 2015, Guy Ryan is known for building numerous ventures from scratch, both for-profit and charitable, and for his passion for social enterprise as a means to help solve the world’s complex and urgent challenges.
Though his most recent venture, as Founder and Chief Executive of Inspiring Stories, Guy will share his experiences in unlocking the potential and purpose of both his team and his organisation. As well as share his insights into helping businesses connect with the emerging force in the talent pool – Millennials – based on his experience with more than 6,000 young New Zealanders

SCHS_WEB_SPEAKERS_NIKI_0816Dr Michelle Dickinson I Nanotechnologist, Speaker, Adrenaline Junkie
With a background in fracture mechanics Michelle is formally trained in breaking engineering components, but is passionate about devoting her life to breaking stereotypes through her science media work.
Most well known for her work as Nanogirl, Michelle also has a notable list of academic, charitable and business achievements.
At Wellbeing now, Michelle will explore the role of purpose and culture in an increasingly digital world. What will our workplaces be like in the future where everyone is connected but not necessarily present? And, how do organisations create a high performing, engaged workforce in today’s fast paced digital era? Michelle Dickinson appears by arrangement by Johnson & Laird Management.

SCHS_WEB_SPEAKERS_THOMAS_0816Debbie Schultz I Blue Sky Minds 
As a leader in the field of organisation development, Debbie has been supporting individual and organisational growth for over 15 years. She founded BlueSkyMinds.org with one goal in mind: to facilitate research-based organisational mindfulness programmes that deliver measurable individual and business benefits. 
Debbie’s career has allowed her to work with many different organisations and cultures, where she sees workplaces becoming busier, faster, and more complex. Through her experience she’ll share how mindfulness practices and a culture of resilience can support our ability to perform, lead, connect, inspire and deliver.

Web_Speakers_Terry_Dana Terry Buckingham & Dana Caver | representing A GoodYarn 
Terry Buckingham leads a team of Occupational Health Nurses and Rehabilitation Advisors across Fonterra’s operations in New Zealand. With a background in healthcare and nursing and a Master’s Degree in Workplace Health Promotion, Terry is both an advocate and authority on workplace wellbeing. 
With a background in psychology and personal training, Dana Carver is DairyNZ’s Wellness and Wellbeing Programme Leader. Dana works closely with the Rural Health Alliance of New Zealand, lobbying for better health outcomes for rural areas. She also works closely with the Ministry of Primary Industries and, along with Wellsouth PHO, is responsible for creating the GoodYarn licensing programme which has seen over 3000 people educated in mental health and wellness. 
Together Dana and Terry will share A GoodYarn’s unique approach, and its success in reaching the rural community.

Web_Speakers_Panel Corporate Case-studies | Panel Discussion 
Leading corporate wellbeing experts from some of our best known businesses share their stories from the trenches – what worked, what didn’t go so well, how do you engage your teams in wellbeing and – most importantly – what have they learned on the journey?
- Kim Daji - General Manager Human Resources and Administration, William Buck Christmas Gouwland
- Jo Copeland - Human Resources Director, Simpson Grierson
- Frances Benge - CEO, Cure Kids
- Bernard Powell - Ambassador, Premier Group Int.