Health education material

We provide a range of material to help promote health and wellness in the workplace.  You can add these to your workplace Intranet or print off and put them out for your staff to read.


Circadian rhythms

6 Circ rhythms


4 Snoring


What is stress?

 7What is stress


 Dealing with work stress

 8 Dealing w work stress



 Health and wellness

 Get active

 9 Get active

Water & dehydration 



5 Asthma



Spring & hayfever

10 Spring fever

Seasonal Affective Disorder

 15 SAD 

Treating hay fever 

11Treating hayfever

Winter wellness

14 Winter wellness



Food allergies

 Food allergies

Food intolerances 

 2Food intolerances

Shopping with allergies 

 3Shopping w allergies 

Colourful culinary

12 Colourful culinary

Sandwich suggestions

Menu card