Case studies and success stories

Making the MOVE to health insurance

“We’ve received cards, emails – even personal visits – from staff and their families, thanking us for our health insurance package. They think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

For MOVE Logistics’ Commercial Manager Emma Cridge, feedback like this validates the company’s decision to offer a Southern Cross subsidised health insurance work scheme and is a resounding endorsement of its commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

Meeting nationwide needs

MOVE Logistics offers transport and warehousing services to their national client base. They employ more than 200 staff with around 60 per cent out on the road and the rest of the team in Christchurch, Hamilton and Auckland.

The company has made a conscious decision to go beyond remuneration to recognise its employees contribution to its success because of their dispersed workforce.

“Logistics is a cut-throat industry, so we want our employees to know that we value their skills, knowledge and experience – and we want them to stay with us for the long term,” says Emma.

“In addition to a Southern Cross health insurance work scheme we’ve developed a package of health and wellness initiatives to support them and their families. These range from organising seasonal sporting competitions and other events to providing truck drivers with fruit packs to take home to their families.”

Southern Cross – an easy decision

In 2013, in response to staff feedback, the company decided to investigate health insurance. After assessing a number of providers, Southern Cross emerged as the clear winner.

“We liked Southern Cross’ flexible insurance package and the fact they were prepared to cover most pre-existing health conditions,” says Emma. “We were also impressed with their integrity as a not for profit organisation, that typically more than 90 per cent of their premium income goes into claims for members* and that they were willing to share detailed work scheme information. This enabled us to develop a relationship of trust and openness very early on.”

MOVE Logistics now proudly offers a fully subsidised Southern Cross KiwiCare policy to all staff who’ve been with the company for more than a year. They also contribute to the cost of policies for family members.

“For many staff and their families, particularly those with existing health issues, it’s been an absolute godsend,” says Emma. “With a virtual ‘clean slate’, they’ve been able to get the care and treatment they need.”

Spreading the word

 To ensure all MOVE Logistics employees were aware of the health insurance work scheme and how they could benefit, Emma and her team organised a week-long roadshow – travelling nationwide to introduce the work scheme and answer any questions.

Southern Cross followed up by arranging meetings or phone calls with every employee. “It worked brilliantly,” says Emma, “and now we’re using the Southern Cross package as a key tool in our staff recruitment programme too.”

Transforming a life

 Christchurch-based customer service representative Delwyn Ryan is among those who’ve benefited from Southern Cross health insurance. Having suffered cataract problems for a few years, she’s finally been able to get treatment that has transformed her life.

“While I could see well enough to work, my right eye always had this blurry film across it,” she says. “So I contacted Southern Cross about treatment options and when they told me I could have it fixed, I nearly cried.”

Delwyn was amazed at the speed with which her treatment was organised. “They swung into action straightaway; I hardly had to do a thing,” she says. “Before I knew it I was at Southern Eye Specialists, two hours later I was on my way home and the next day I was back at work!”

Delwyn describes her treatment as the highlight of her year, and says she can’t praise Southern Cross highly enough. “The whole process, from making a claim to the treatment and after-care prescriptions, has been brilliant. But more than that, they’ve given me my life back and I’m rapt!”

* For every dollar received in premium income Southern Cross has returned an average of 90 cents in claims over 5 years ending 30 June 2014.