Improve business culture and productivity

A positive workplace culture with healthy and loyal employees can safeguard your business for future challenges.

Looking after your employees’ health can contribute to overall productivity by supporting a faster return to work after illness, improved morale and less stress.1

Protect your company’s productivity

Engaged and loyal employees will do more for their employers.

  • Full-time employees with health insurance, either partly or fully subsidised by employers, take on average 2.2 fewer days off work than those without health insurance.
    2.2 absent days equates to around $500 in lost salary. That could equate to more than the cost of an annual health insurance policy for a 35-year-old male employee on $60k salary.2
  • In addition to lost salary or earnings, staff absence can result in other costs not fully accounted for, like hiring temporary staff and productivity loss.

Minimise workplace disruption

For employees with health insurance, treatment can be scheduled at a time to suit. Faster access to treatment often means less disruption through a quicker return to work.

  • Faster access to treatment by avoiding public hospital waiting lists can mean less pain and discomfort and a quicker return to health for your employees.
  • Having staff absent for a long period of time due to illness can increase the level of stress experienced by other employees covering extra workloads.

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1TNS Conversa research, 2011
2Pricing based on Wellbeing One policy with no excess, with Healthy lifestyle reward and direct debit discount at January 2012

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