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The most successful organisations create a value proposition that attracts, retains and develops productive employees.

With a wide range of health insurance plans and wellness programmes, we can help your business gain a healthier, more productive and loyal workforce, as well as differentiate your company in the job market. 

A benefit your employees will appreciate

Research shows that health insurance is one of the most popular remuneration package benefits for employees. And employers who subsidise health insurance for their staff usually enjoy higher levels of employee satisfaction.

  • Flexible working arrangements, bonuses and private health insurance are the top three benefits rated by employees.1
  • Almost half of all full-time employees say a subsidised health insurance scheme is one of the key factors they look for when assessing potential employers.2

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1 Hudson Salary & Employment Insights survey, 2013 (for Sales, Office Support and Information, Communication and Technology Professionals).
2 TNS survey, Oct 2011

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