Administrator's guide

Being a group scheme administrator doesn’t mean you are expected to be an expert on health insurance. Your dedicated Southern Cross account team will provide you with the support and assistance you require.

The main tasks for the scheme administrator include:

  • Providing Southern Cross with details of employees who are eligible to join your Southern Cross scheme
  • Assisting Southern Cross by providing access to meet with staff, i.e. booking meeting rooms or allowing a Southern Cross representative to visit employees in the staff cafeteria on a regular basis
  • Ensuring prompt payment of the Southern Cross account
  • Where applicable, ensuring wage deductions are processed correctly
  • Advising Southern Cross when staff leave your organisation or when they have no further entitlement to the scheme.

Boarding Pass 

The Boarding Pass is an easy way to let us know when employees join or leave your group scheme. To access the Boarding Pass, simply go to

Tools and resources available on request

We have a range of tools and resources available to make things easy for you:

  • Southern Cross payment information - an overview of the payment process, and the most effective way to manage it.  This information is also available on the 'Payment information' page.
  • Flyers and brochures - to help you grow your group scheme.  You can order these online from the 'Employees joining' page. 
  • Health education material - flyers that provide information on various health-related topics. Your Southern Cross account manager will provide you with copies that can be handed out to your people or made available in your staff tearoom. The aim of this material is to help raise awareness of health issues and encourage healthy behaviours. You can view our library of material by going to the 'Health education' page.  The PDFs on this page can also be added to your company intranet.
  • Healthy People newsletter- a quarterly newsletter specifically for group scheme administrators. This regular newsletter provides practical advice and tips on group scheme administration as well as health and lifestyle information. To receive this newsletter automatically, go to the subscription page.

Form downloads

Claim Form

Direct Debit Form

Recurring Credit Card Authority Form

Corporate Direct Debit Authority Form

If you’re having trouble understanding any of these forms, please contact your Southern Cross account manager for assistance.


Your dedicated account team

Your organisation has a dedicated Southern Cross account team ready to help. The team includes an Account Manager, Phone Sales Consultant, Field Consultant, and Membership Administrator. There is also a Member Services centre to deal with employee enquiries.

The role of your account manager

  • Manages the business relationship with your organisation.
  • Manages the annual renewal, including the communications related to this.

The role of your telephone sales consultant

  • Makes contact via phone with the appointed person in each location ensuring that your employees are aware of the Southern Cross scheme and concessions.
  • Available to enrol employees over the telephone.
  • Maintains regular contact with the scheme administrator ensuring you are kept up to date.
  • Handles queries about new additions to a policy and any plan queries.
  • Provides you with updated promotional material, brochures and claim forms.

The role of your field consultant

  • Makes regular on-site visits to help employees complete new member applications and present to employees as required.
  • Available for induction presentations as required
  • Ensures the scheme administrator is kept up-to-date with administrative requirements.

The role of your membership administrator

The membership administrator deals with all policy administration as well as billing and payment issues or questions. These include:

  • changes to an employee’s policy including: the plan they are on, leaving the group or cancelling the policy
  • answering questions about invoices, statements, schedules and adjustments received
  • any issues regarding payments from salary/wages for members of the group scheme.


Member Services centre

Southern Cross has a toll-free number to help employees with individual enquiries regarding membership such as:

  • transferring members from private membership into your employer group scheme
  • plan types and claims
  • updating member details
  • assisting members who require prior approval for surgery and medical procedures.

Call the Member Services on 0800 800 181, Monday to Friday from 8.00am – 6.00pm. 

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