Health cover for your family

We're for families

You want to look after your loved ones, and so do we. That’s why we have health cover products and benefits designed especially for families. From discounts for growing families to cover for expensive procedures. Join us and that’s one worry off your list.

Not-for-profit for better value

Your health comes first. That’s why we’re not-for-profit, so we can focus on giving you better service and better value healthcare. For every $1 paid to us in premiums, we paid out an industry leading 86 cents in claims (for the year ended June 2016). Which is much better than ‘for profit’ insurers who pay around 60% in claims each year. They have to worry about their shareholders, while we can focus on taking care of you.

New Zealand’s favourite health insurer

Over a million Kiwis have health insurance, and over 800,000 choose to put their health in safe hands with Southern Cross. We’ve looking after the health of New Zealanders for over 50 years and take care of the important things. We make sure you're covered for the right benefits so you’re on the road to recovery without any surprises. Southern Cross pays the most health insurance claims in New Zealand and paid 71% of all health insurance claims in New Zealand (year ended June 2016). Our focus is on keeping you well and if anything goes wrong you can rest assured that we will take care of you and your family.

Family benefits


Pay for 2 kids, the rest are free*
Your third and following children can get free health cover when you add them to your policy.

 SCHS_WEB_ICON_Baby_LL_70x70 Pre-existing conditions cover for newborns*
If you’re thinking about starting a family, now is a good time to join. Once you’ve been a member for 3 months and you add your baby before they’re 3 months old, we’ll cover their qualifying pre-existing conditions. Even better, after one year continuous cover on certain plans you can claim for qualifying obstetrics expenses.**
 SCHS_WEB_ICON_FAMILY_LL_70x70 Child rates until 21 years*
Pay only child rates until your children are 21 years old.***
  *Terms and conditions apply. See policy documents here.
**Available on RegularCare, SuperCare, Wellbeing Two and UltraCare plans. See policy documents here.
***One rate for children aged 0 to 21. Subject to standard annual premium changes.

Keep your family healthy

We’ve partnered with some of NZ’s favourite health providers, so you can benefit from being with us all year round.


Free hearing test
Get a complimentary diagnostic hearing test valued at $85 and save 10% on a selected range of hearing aids. More... 

 OPSM Free eye exam & save 15% on glasses
Get a free eye exam and retinal scan and save 15% on a range of prescription and non-prescription glasses at OPSM. More...
 Lumino 5% off dental treatments
Get 5% off dental treatments at Lumino. New patients also get a half-price exam and x-rays. More...
 SpecSavers 25% off & half price eye exam
Get 25% off when you purchase 1 pair from the $169 range or above and a ½ price Eye Exam at Specsavers. More...

See more benefits of being a Southern Cross member here.

Health cover for expensive procedures

Although visits to the GP are free for children under 13, there are many common illnesses that affect kids which can require costly ongoing treatment or perhaps a lengthy waiting list on the public health system. Here’s an estimate of the costs associated with some common childhood conditions.

Conditions Procedures  Average costs1
Ear infections Grommets - unilatral and bilateral $1,400 - $2,800
Eye squint Strabismus surgery $3,200 - $6,700
Ongoing throat infections Tonsillectomy $3,200 - $4,300

With Southern Cross health insurance for your children, you could take the ‘ouch’ out of unexpected and expensive qualifying procedures. And you could avoid having to wait on public waiting lists for appointments and treatments.  Find out more about common children claims including the most common by region and the costs.

1 All costs are indicative and have been sourced from historic Southern Cross claims data 2015

One of the ways we try to manage rising healthcare costs is through our Affiliated Provider programme. Affiliated Providers are doctors, specialists and facilities contracted to provide healthcare services to members at agreed prices. Affiliated Providers also make life easier for members by organising prior approval and claims for contracted procedures on your behalf.

Southern Cross Medical Care Society (trading as Southern Cross Health Society) has an A+ (Strong) financial strength rating given by Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Limited.

The rating scale is:

AAA (Extremely Strong) AA (Very Strong) A (Strong)
BBB (Good) BB (Marginal) B (Weak)
CCC (Very Weak) CC (Extremely Weak) SD or D (Selective Default or Default)
R (Regulatory Action) NR (Not Rated)
Ratings from ‘AA’ to ‘CCC’ may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories. Full details of the rating scale are available at Standard & Poor’s is an approved rating agency under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010.