HealthEssentials plan FAQs

Qualifying pre-existing conditions are covered on joining or moving to this plan.

However, there is a list of exclusions in the policy document for things we never cover – for example, prescription and other drugs, cosmetic treatment, vaccinations and mole mapping. These exclusions are listed on page 10 of the HealthEssentials policy document.

If HealthEssentials is not available through your employer’s work scheme with us, you can take up a separate HealthEssentials policy by applying online.
HealthEssentials may be an option for you, please email or call us on 0800 800 181 to discuss your options. We’re available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Please note that HealthEssentials is not a traditional health insurance product as it does not provide cover for costs such as surgery or specialist consultations.
Yes you can. However, HealthEssentials is a separate policy. This means you’ll need to complete a separate application, you’ll receive separate communications relating to your two policies and you’ll have two separate My Southern Cross log ins.
Unfortunately, we do not offer policy suspension to members on the HealthEssentials plan.
We will reimburse you or your provider for (up to 75 per cent of) your treatment up to the annual limits set out in the policy document.


You can only claim on your HealthEssentials plan if you are a policyholder.

There are a number of ways in which a HealthEssentials policyholder can make a claim under their policy:

Online through My Southern CrossFrom your mobile device - download the My Southern Cross mobile app. It's free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store;

Southern Cross Easy-claim at selected health services providers;

or Fill out a claim form and post it in to us Please retain your original receipts as in certain cases Southern Cross may require you to submit the original receipt to allow us to assess your claim.

If you claim online it's around 5 working days. If you use Easy-claim then it's almost immediate.
Yes, you can claim by presenting your Member card at selected health service providers using Southern Cross Easy-claim. Check out which providers offer Easy-claim.
Easy-claim is a simple way to claim on eligible medical costs at the point of sale. To make an Easy-claim simply present your Member card at the counter of participating Southern Cross partners when you purchase eligible healthcare products and services. If your policy covers the product or service, we'll reimburse the provider directly. All you need to do is pay the health services provider the difference between what they have billed and what your HealthEssentials policy covers.
Yes you can, but you are not entitled to claim for an amount higher than the actual cost of the healthcare service provided.

My Southern Cross

My Southern Cross is a secure, online service for members of Southern Cross Health Society. 

Once registered, you can make a claim (policyholders only), apply for prior approval, access policy information and check benefit balances, manage how you receive communications from us, and more.
Yes there is a My Southern Cross mobile app available for HealthEssentials. It's free from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can do the following on the app:View benefits and remaining balances Make a claim (policyholders only) View your Member card View FAQs Contact us
You can update your contact details in the Policy/Membership section of My Southern Cross.
Please contact us during business hours to discuss this further. Find out more about the plans we offer.

My Southern Cross mobile app

You can download it free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
You'll find the link to download the app inside My Southern Cross, making the set up process easier. HealthEssentials has been designed to provide members with a digital experience across a range of devices. Registering for My Southern Cross sets you up from the start to do this.
A PIN gives you easy access rather than having to enter your full username and password each time you login.
It’s free! You don’t need to buy it.
Data consumption has been kept to a minimum. But you will need to be mindful of the size of the files you upload when submitting a claim.
So that we receive a quality image please set your phones’ camera settings to a minimum 1600x960 or 1.5 mega pixels and limit the size of what you are taking to that of an A4 piece of paper. From our testing this will take an image that is legible and small (around 50-70Kb).
After sending the image with your claim, the image is deleted from your device. If you want to keep the image please take a separate photo using your device’s camera or do this step first, then load the image from your photo library into your claims submission.
To claim, you'll need to upload only the original itemised receipts or copy receipts from your health service provider.
Yes, in certain cases Southern Cross may require you to submit the original receipt to allow us to assess your claim.